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                The Chronicles of an Elite Black Ops Team

VOL 8: Nine and a rogue ex-CIA agent travel the world to discover the origin of a devastating new weapon before it is sold to terrorists.
*Mature Readers Only*
VOL 7: Nine and Veronica Vesper put their lives on the line when they go undercover to expose a ruthless killer known only as 'The Butcher'. *Mature Readers Only*
VOL 6: A maniac kidnaps a world leader and Nine's team is called on to rescue the leader before a murderous plan is executed.
*Mature Readers Only*
VOL 5: A hot and steamy story of rivalry and brutal revenge. Featuring Nyx/Nine, Ace, the President of the United States and the mysterious "Veronica". *Mature Readers Only*
VOL 4: Super black ops agent Nine must go undercover into the despicable world of human trafficking and prostitution to find a traitor.
*Mature Readers Only*
VOL 3: Nine joins forces with a crack Navy SEAL team on a rescue and destroy mission in the Amazon. They must fight off crocodiles, snakes, piranha, mercenary army.
VOL 2: Nine and Ace must locate and eliminate an assassin team hired to kill a world leader. No easy task in an Italian town filled with tourists. *Mature Readers Only*
Jena Veev: Exciting new comic book. In a world of desparation and discontent, there is a ray of hope. A not too distant future new comic.
*Mature Readers Only*
Nine (nickname NYX)

Current Duty: Leader of an elite Black OPs team
Previous: unknown
Skills: Highly skilled Black OPs warrior
Personal: In a relationship with Ace

Nine is equally skilled as a warrior goddess and as a seductive temptress. Because of her beauty and talent to get unsuspecting men to cooperate, Nine is often used for undercover work and to lure men into sexual traps. Open minded and free spirited. Nine and Ace are very close and are good friends with President Kellogg.

Current Duty: Nine's teammate
Previous: Navy SEAL
Skills: sniper and weapons expert
Personal: Nine's friend and lover

Ace is the narrator for all of the Chronicles of Nyx/Nine. Very close to Nine. Friend and confidant. Ace is a highly skilled sniper and is used in that capacity on the team.
James Kellogg

Current Duty: First term President of the United
  States, Commander of Nine's Elite team
Previous: New York Governor, Army Ranger
Personal: Widower for 3 years

President Kellogg is highly respected and a very popular President. Since his wife died, he has devoted himself to serving the country. And as an ex-Army Ranger, he knows the value of having a elite Black OPs team. He personally directs many of the team's missions.

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